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Project United Knowledge helps budding entrepreneurs to validate, launch, and grow their businesses, with a focus on underestimated founders!

What we do

ProjectUK serves entrepreneurs to test, build, and grow their brand by discovering their business needs. Entrepreneurs will know how to create and build self-sufficient companies.


Business Validation

At ProjectUK we provide a
three-month and nine-month
business development and
validation course, as well as micro
courses available to the wider Kansas City community.

Mentor Matching

Founders are matched with a pair of mentors within the startup/pro community who serve as a sounding board for ideas and provide insight into the industry.

Product Creation

ProjectUK follows the Lean Canvas and Lean Development models to help you create a product or service that the community and customers want.

Product Validation

ProjectUK will help you ask the hard questions, and pair you with User Experience Engineers, Designers, Researchers, and mentors to help validate your product/service.

Software Development

When It Comes To Software Development, Just Check Out Our PORTFOLIO!

Funding Support

ProjectUK has helped our founders find $1.68M in early stage idea funding through local community sources.

validating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems!

Project United Knowledge has helped founders secure $1.68 MILLION in early-stage idea funding to create their MVP’s




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Co-hort Application

Apply TODAY to our 2018 Co-Hort starting this August at Plexpod!

Become A Mentor

Become a mentor to one of our founders. Support their aspirations to achieve something greater.

Partner With Us

Are you a business, corporation, community partner, non profit, and or an org that wants to help. Contact US Now!

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