Project United Knowledge Brings CO.STARTERS to Kanas City. If you would like to validate your business idea and connect with high-quality mentors we would love to hear from you. 

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CO.STARTERS™  Validation Three Month Program

CO.STARTERS™ is a  three-month business education program designed to take fresh product ideas from budding entrepreneurs to validate their concepts for a strong launching point for their business. Our course will begin in October 2017.


Our class is led by a facilitator, an experienced entrepreneur well connected in Kansas City’s business community, who will introduce action-driven concepts that participants will be able to apply to their business or project. This is an interactive program that will help participants fine-tune their business.


The CO.STARTERS™ program has been adopted by more than a dozen entrepreneurial organizations in cities around the country, including Phoenix, AZ; Cincinnati, OH; Nashville, TN; Lakeland, FL.; Fort Wayne, IN.; and Chattanooga, TN.

COURSE DESCRIPTION October 1st-December 16, 2016

Week 1: Knowing Your Business
Week 2: Customer Persona, Brand Identity, Testing Assumptions
Week 3: Marketing, Knowing Your Customer, Advertise, Messaging
Week 4: Distribution, Revenue Streams, Pricing, Costs
Week 5: Business Structure
Week 6: Start Up Costs, Variable & Fixed Costs, Break Even
Week 7: Sales Projections, Cash Flows
Week 8: Raising Capital, Business Plan, Goal Setting
Week 9: Graduation/Telling Your Business Startup Story