June 11, 2017, Kanas City, MO-Just one block south of Kansas City’s trendy Westport neighborhood, a new startup incubator is in full swing. 4328 Madison Ave in Kansas City, Missouri is home to Project United Knowledge, also known as Project UK. And as of last week, Project UK became one of eight local venture accelerators to receive the Zero Barrier’s Grant and Scholarship, from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.


“It was a stamp of approval,” said Quest Moffat, Project UK, Founder. “I was not expecting to receive the grant. We really had to prove our track record since we were going against very successful accelerators and we are a new nonprofit.”

Project UK is a startup studio and 21st-century career training program for women and those in underserved areas. Focused on helping entrepreneurs launch and grow their business through the use of technology and other services, such as co-working spaces, mentorships, and career building trainings. While Project UK serves all entrepreneurs, its focus on women, minorities and those in underserved areas make it a desired community resource.

“Kansas City needs something that minorities can go to, not only to feel safe but to guarantee they can have access to funding,” Moffat said. “I don’t want anyone to assimilate. I don’t want you to have to change your background or culture.”

With the help of Kauffman board members and other mentors.  Project UK will provide a one year comprehensive entrepreneurship incubator program, partnered with Co.Starters®  that focus on early stage or existing ideas with classes in accounting; business intelligence; marketing and branding; product development technology; education; and leadership. Project UK will also sponsor and host programs, events, and workshops that will be open to the community.

To get involved or find how Project UK is helping motivated individuals create business plans, achieve market validation, access technology resources, earn investment, and more, contact (brain@puklabs.com) or visit www.projectuk.org.