Decisions to start a company takes strategy, support, knowing your customer, and the ability to make financial decisions. Cristina Betts, shared practical information on how she made financial decisions to start her in home care agency for the elderly to our class. Click here to view the entire video.

She made costly decisions to start her company where staffing and marketing were the highest costs when she first started. The major turning point for her that made her change her business model occurred when her 24 hour client died. This 24 hour client provided her with a successful stream of income, but with this client’s passing her entire business fell apart.

From this lesson, Betts made a strategic decision to reduce her staffing and marketing costs. So she began working with another company to fulfill her staffing and she would supply the patients to her sister company. With her strategic decision MD Home Care + KC Comfort Care became sister companies. “I knew how to find the client, but I did not know where to recommend the right client. Now with my sister company, I work directly with Medicaid. Using the pool of patients from MD Home Care, I administer how caregivers will be compensated.” She no longer has to train staff because her sister company & Medicaid provides those services. Now she can focus on client experience and grow her company.

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