2018 is another year to consider how you can impact your knowledge. Project United Knowledge’s team is searching for new entrepreneurs who are new to entrepreneurship or have the experience and looking to fit the pieces together. Project UK is a venture builder where our team will assist you from your idea to growing your business. We serve women and underestimated founders.


If you would like to take a 12 Week program and learn about the Lean Canvas, pitching your business, gaining access to mentors, and access to funding in Kansas City, we would be glad to help.

Our class is led by a facilitator, an experienced entrepreneur well connected in Kansas City’s business community, who will introduce action-driven concepts that participants will be able to apply to their business or project. This is interactive program that will help participants fine-tune their business.


“The program exceeded my expectations. Because of Project UK, my startup idea is one step closer to becoming reality. I found this experience life changing. I work in the arena of assisting others with changing their lives and it is truly a joy when you can experience that for yourself. I came into this program uncertain but I left empowered.” Centoria Roulette-Jackson

“Because Project United Knowledge’s cohort surrounded me with candid encouragement during my introspective search for germane operating rationale to fit a loosely formed idea, what started out as a gut feeling that was impossible to rationalize turned into a clearly defined model for effective execution.  This emergent entrepreneur is grateful to be connected to such an extensive community of small business support.” –Joy with Clement Waters


Week 1:  Knowing Your Business
Week 2: Customer Persona
Week 3: Marketing & Advertising
Week 4: Distribution, Revenue Streams, Pricing
Week 5: Business Structure
Week 6: Startup Costs, Variable & Fixed Costs
Week 7: Startup Costs Continued, Financial Plan
Week 8: Sales Projections, Cash Flows
Week 9: Product Development
Week 10: Product Development & SWOT
Week 11: Resource Day, Goal Setting, Business Plan
Week 12: Celebration Day

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