Our kickoff event to announce Project United Knowledge’s partnership with CO.STARTERS was a blast. CO.STARTERS is a business education program that provides information about entrepreneurship and validating your business. Thursday, August 5th, our team opened up the evening explaining why Project United Knowledge exists. Next Hal Bowling (Chattanooga, TN) and Allen Woods (Cincinnati, Ohio) introduced how entrepreneurship¬†impacts their own communities.

Allen Woods’ organization utilizes CO.STARTERS with their group of learners. Mortar is building legacies and changing the look and feel of entrepreneurs. To date, Mortar serves 85% minorities and 70% women. Many of their participants have faced barriers of homelessness, job loss, and racial stereotypes. However, Mortar believes to rebuild the community and remove these barriers.

Launch Chattanooga is an organization with Hal Bowling. Hal came from a low-income background and wants to dispell this barrier by supporting entrepreneurs. Launch has supported over 182 businesses in 6 years, and his organization adopted CO.STARTERS to be a change agent within Chattanooga and beyond.

Below are some highlights from the event.